Suzuki has expanded the Suzuki Precision Maneuvering (SPM) Control System, providing fully integrated electronic throttle, shift, steering and joystick control for Twin and now Triple Powered boats equipped with Suzuki DF150G, DF175G, DF200AP, DF250AP and DF300AP “Next Generation” 4-stroke outboard motors.

Fully Integrated Digital Command and Control

SPM takes full advantage of Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire throttle and shift controls built into these select Suzuki outboards. SPC replaces conventional cable controls with electronic wiring connected to advanced shift and throttle actuators located under the hood. Commands are transmitted from helm to engine in real time via the system’s computer-based control system.

Suzuki Precision Maneuvering integrates Suzuki’s dedicated throttle and shift control system with electronic power steering and joystick control systems developed by SeaStar Solutions. The advanced nature of both companies systems has allowed Suzuki to integrate throttle, shift and steering control seamlessly into its current digital control architecture.

“We are extremely excited about the potential of this new system,” said Gus Blakely, Director of Marine Marketing and Sales for Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. “Suzuki Precision Maneuvering brings together the very latest in control technology and reflects our strong commitment to innovation and performance.”

Confident, Easy Operation

While underway, an advanced electronic helm provides directional input via an onboard control module to electronically control steering using Smart Cylinders for each motor. Throttle and shift are controlled separately via the binnacle. At low speeds, the joystick can be engaged, providing integrated throttle, shift and steering control to maneuver the boat in practically any direction.

Using this new system, the skipper switches from steering wheel to joystick when maneuvering in close quarters, enjoying a marked improvement in handling when pulling into a crowded fuel dock, entering a tight slip or driving onto a trailer. Fishermen will appreciate the precise control when positioning a boat over structure or when dropping anchor to hold position over “the spot.”

Suzuki Precision Maneuvering has been engineered for optimal safety, with redundant sensors and back-up systems to assure reliable operation. A select network of boat builders and authorized dealers are presently being trained and equipped to provide superior technical service and support.

The result is a consumer experience that allows for confident, seamless control, whether maneuvering in close quarters or running at speed in challenging offshore conditions. Skippers will appreciate smooth, precise shifting and throttle controls, steering that can be customized to the boat’s performance characteristics, not to mention the fingertip joystick control afforded at low speeds when pulling up to the dock or entering
a tight slip.

Suzuki Precision Maneuvering is available on boats rigged with twin or triple Suzuki DF150G, DF175G, DF200AP, DF250AP and DF300AP “Next Generation” 4-stroke outboard motors. This system provides a dramatic improvement to the command and control available to the captain.

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